Microsoft Ignite – Microsoft Announce the end of the password era

Sep 27, 2019

Business customers will no longer require a password to log into their business applications, as Microsoft announced a move to a two-tier verification mode.

Rob Lefferts, senior VP of security, announced that Microsoft would be supporting password-less logins for customers connected to Azure Active Directory (AD)-connected apps, using the Microsoft Authenticator app. This app replaces passwords with a “more secure” sign-in, using a combination of your phone and fingerprint, face or PIN. Lefferts claims that this will reduce security compromise by 99.9 per cent.

“No company lets enterprises eliminate more passwords than Microsoft does. Today, we are declaring an end to the era of passwords,” he declared in a blog post announcing the move.

As part of its security upgrades, Lefferts also announced Microsoft Threat Protection, which is an “integrated experience” for detecting, investigating and remediating across a range of services such as email, documents and infrastructure in the 365 admin console.

“This will let analysts save thousands of hours as they automate the more mundane security tasks,” Lefferts claimed.

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