You can subscribe to Azure via Strawberry and gain access to all our in house expertise and solution success stories. We add huge value In helping you in your journey to the cloud. If you would like to find out more about any of the featured items, please call us on 020 8973 1414 or email us at

Our cloud team are fully certified for Microsoft Azure and understand the planning, design, migration and management required to create an effective cloud platform. You will be in the hands of industry leading experts. Once your data is in the cloud you can switch on and off innovative new technology as and when you need it. We can guide through the features and functionality and give your business the edge it needs to compete. 


Microsoft Azure Kickstart

Azure Cloud Kickstart is a range of fixed scope offerings designed to help you make sure a foundational cloud solution is fit for purpose. This provides you the details of how to enable hybrid identity and cloud in your business.

How we can Help:

We will carry out an assessment of your current environment and operations, including workshops, interviews and assessments. 

Technical Analysis
Our specialist Technical team will then create a unique roadmap of how best to implement the Cloud platform to meet your specific requirements.

Documentation Write Up
We will then write up a document of findings, which is presented back to you and will include our design principles and recommendations.

What’s next? 
You have analysed the design and recommendations and decided you want to migrate the key workloads. We will then do the following:

• Apply for Proof of Concept Funding from Microsoft
• Build the proof of concept Environment
• Testing and delivering against success criteria
• Migrate and deploy
• Operational guide rules and handover
• Go Live with required support