Infrastructure as a Service

Azure Virtual Machines and networks gives you the flexibility of virtualisation for a wide range of computing solutions – development and testing, running applications and securely extending your data centre. Want create hosted desktops via an RDS server in the cloud? Want to create a hybrid cloud to move workloads between private and public? No problem!

Database Modernisation

Achieve significant cost savings and greater performance by moving to SQL as a Service. We have extensive experience in implementing a broad range of SQL services from Always On solutions to scale on demand cloud platforms. SQL as a service is often best for all new cloud-based applications. It takes advantage of cloud scale, and it does not run inside a VM. Instead, it is a cloud service that can scale dynamically across multiple nodes during peak workloads as well as scaling down during periods of reduced demands.

To make some potential major cost savings, reduce administration and improve performance arrange a consultation with our cloud team.

Test and Development

Many of our midmarket clients have their own development teams and we have that this is one of the most primary use cases for cloud.  The cloud simplifies and hugely speeds up the process of running a dev-test environment by spinning up virtual machines in a matter of minutes.  Multi-platform environments are the norm so you can bring you cross-platform functionality to your dev-test environment and use your preferred coding language. You can simulate live usage scenarios in your test environment, and test at production scale to catch and fix problems before release.

Identity and Authentication

Identity and access management for the cloud. One of the greatest barriers to cloud adoption is identity management.  Bring enterprise directory and identity management to the cloud with Azure Active Directory. Centrally manage employee access to thousands of applications and extend your on-premises directories to enable single sign-on with multi factor authentication Let us help you create a cloud environment without boundaries. 

Data Analytics

Uncover insights buried in your data to optimize the way you do business. Whether organizing human resources, managing supply chains, or forecasting staff and customer needs, understanding the factors that affect operational efficiency is essential to streamlining your business.  Using the analytics tools on the Azure cloud you are only a few clicks away from real business innovation that is now accessible to the SME market. In the world of analytics you really don't know, what you don't know!