High Speed Wi-Fi

Organisations have figured out that the move to mobile cloud is not just a technology shift, so when you start to think about building design, you need to consider the physical space and what type of technology needs to be in place to support it. It’s clear that in these new office settings, the device of choice for employees is mobile. The workplace must have a high performance, secure Wi-Fi infrastructure to support the mobile devices, just as we would assume that there is lighting and electricity in place. We have delivered numerous successful wireless solutions in Finance, Education, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

Mobile Engagement

Bring your venues to life with location-aware mobile apps that provide indoor turn-by-turn navigation, contextual marketing, and a personalised guest experience over the fastest Wi-Fi on the planet. Now the impact of anywhere, anytime access to the Internet can mean big opportunities for your business.

Whether you’re a retailer, hotel-resort casino, hospital or large public venue, we offer a better way to engage customers and guests when they visit. Furthermore, we can help you scale your mobile engagements of any Wi-Fi network whilst delivering relevant content with a custom mobile app. Imagine when you get near a product in a store, you receive a coupon or walk into a museum and approach a display then the audio is sent to your smartphone. By using HP Aruba solutions, we can turn your ideas into a reality.