Cyber Support Services

We offer a managed Cyber security service by using the industry leading Palo Alto platform. The end goal is to enable your operations to flourish and keep your organisation out of the headlines associated with cyber breaches. This means reducing the likelihood of a successful attack. By focusing on prevention, the Security Platform reduces cybersecurity risk to a manageable degree, allowing organisations to compartmentalise their most serious threats and focus on business operations.

Data and Device

Many of the risks with data security come from within the organisation and not from external threats. We deliver data security services by utilising our skills around Microsoft Enterprise Mobility suite.

You can protect company information by centralising data, classifying information and controlling access to the datacentre. Deliver policy based access control to corporate specific applications which manage how users access and interact with data to make sure your data is always protected. We also provide a comprehensive mobile device management service to protect your data whilst users access it remotely.

How does Managed Security work?

We break this service down into two levels. The cyber level and the data (human) level. To deliver a comprehensive security service, a policy rulebook needs to be created for the organisation, and relevant platforms and software need to be installed. We then monitor, update and manage the enabling technology whilst making sure the key line of business staff are aware of business policies and practices. The services and required supporting technology is then billed monthly. 

Impact of GDPR

GDPR is an opportunity to tighten up data practices, putting strategies and policies in place that enhance security, in effect, slamming the door on the possible intruders. GDPR requires companies to take steps to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of their systems, and to document these measures in order to establish a track record. That means that a managed security service isn’t just good for your data security but for compliance, in general.

Our services.

Our wide range of IT services range from fully managed solutions and support, through to professional services and solution designs.

Managed Cloud

Our professional services team are available for large scale projects or shorter based one off installations.

Professional Services

All systems can be pre-configured, imaged and built to exact client requirements and stored prior to delivery to site.

IT Support

Our support services are designed not just for companies without in-house expertise, but also to complement their existing teams.