To manage and underline our combined Quality and Information Security (QIS) performance we operate a BSI Certificated ISO9001 Quality Management System and are seeking ISO27001 Certification to ensure that a formal programme of QIS planning and control is established and maintained to:


  • Achieving a high level of QIS performance and compliance with all obligations placed upon the business by our interested parties inclusive of legal and regulatory controls
  • To establish a framework for the setting of QIS objectives and the application of continual improvement of our IMS
  • Understand the needs and expectations of our Interested Parties
  • Provide resilient and robust mechanism for the protection of all data types processed by Strawberry Global Technology including those that fall under GDPR obligations


To achieve this the business will:


  • Maintain its documented Integrated Management System
  • Ensure sufficient resources are made available for the management of QIS objectives and intentions of the IMS
  • Reduce or remove risk where possible to prevent non-conforming product
  • Remove or effectively mitigate the risk of unauthorised access, manipulation, denial or processing of Strawberry controlled data assets
  • Ensure staff are inducted into the documented controls and provided with sufficient training, awareness and competence to complete the duties safely and in accordance with our service and product/vendor expectations
  • Maintain all infrastructure, equipment and facilities in secure, protected and resilient order
  • Review this policy and the documented management system regularly to ensure continued suitability and compliance with stated requirements
  • Maintain suitable records of the above


This policy is made available to the public, clients and communicated to the staff of Strawberry Global Technology to underline the commitment to maintaining compliance with QIS obligations, provision of a safe working environment and the prevention of accidents.